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17-08-2008, 13:38
i'm Andrea from Italy :)
my Girlfriend from Tula will soon come to italy to visit me and she is going to stay here more than 2 months...
the question: are there places in Moscow where she can leave her 2 dogs for such long time??? her parents have no place for them and she cannot find other help!!
we don't know what to do! and she has not enough time to do documentation to bring them here...


19-08-2008, 00:34
a friend of mine left her dog in such a place. i think the cost is around 10 euros per dog per day. if you are still interested i can ask for the phone number for you.

20-08-2008, 18:27
Have your GF study FAQ on K9.ru, claw.ru or pesikot.org or post a question in Russian there - doglovers from all over Russia (may be Tula too) may answer or offer help.

So far the dog hotel business is not very reliable in this country, i would suggest leaving the dogs with the parents (and offer some reward to them) rather than rely on somebody else.

27-08-2008, 14:11
I have a dog and I live in Moscow too. Once I was going on holiday just for 1 week and I meant to leave my girl to the best hotel I could find on internet. But I gave up when I took her there. It was horrible ! Just dirty lion cages and I am sure all the other dogs were not house dogs, they looked like very unhealthy ! And that shitty place asked 15 euro per day ! I dont recommend you to leave them such that places ! She may hire someone for them for 2 months, maybe a dog-walker ? I have someone coming everyday and taking my dog out for a 2-hours-walk and I pay 5.000 p for 1 month which means around 150 euro ! You may try something like that.
Good Luck !

27-08-2008, 14:21
I have boarded my dog here, for a week. Гостиница для собак (передержка собак) Новорижское шоссе, 60 км от МКАД. (http://www.alvas.ru/ps.htm)

They came highly recommended, by a number of people. She didn't seem worse the wear when she came home. Just a little smelly. :)

Two people who recommended the place to me, said they were leaving their dogs for 6 weeks.

Also, take a look at this page Moscow Animals - devoted to the welfare of homeless animals (http://www.moscowanimals.org/advice/boarding.html) for other options.

Good luck.