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18-06-2004, 17:32
Im moving back to copenhagen next week. I have quite a bit extra things with me home, than when I arrived in Moscow last september.
First, I now have a guitar with me. I will buy a gigbag to transport it in, but would it be possible to take it in the cabin? I have one backpack with me to the cabin (around 8kg) already. The suitcase will at least weigh about 20 kg, if not more, although it shouldnt be a problem.

I've tried talking with aeroflot on several occasions about the guitar thing, but it seems noone really knows. Some say, if the plane is not fully booked there will be plenty of room in the lugage box. Others tell me to buy a seperat ticket for it.

Anyone tried taking odd sized objects like guitars with them? Should I worry this much?

18-06-2004, 17:46
My friend flied with Aeroflot to Canada and they did let her take her guitar on board. And it was of course free of charge. It wasn't a probat all.

18-06-2004, 19:16
Aeroflot is usually VERY indulgent about bulky items in the cabin, sometimes maddeningly so. I find myself resenting my fellow travellers when I have to put my travelling bag under my seat and wrap my coat around my shoulders just because everyone else has decided that checking ones luggage in is an inconvenience. You should be able to hold your head high if the only thing you have is a guitar!

18-06-2004, 19:30
yeah - they're very indulgent - except when they decide not to be.

Saw someone bursting into tears at check-in - no money to pay for excess, but she couldn't bear the thought of flying to the UK without ten tons of pickled mushrooms and berries.

18-06-2004, 19:43
pickled mushrooms and berries.
She really must of had A LOT, I'm always surprised by the indulgence here concerning food stuffs when entering or exiting the country, not to mention alcohol, exported, imported or a huge personal supply actually consumed on board.... international rules do not apply when travelling with Aeroflot!

20-06-2004, 19:03
a small musical instrument is always accepted on borad without an extra seat ticket. But if you happen to run into a real nasty lady at the check in, she may ask you to put your guitar on the scales and charge you for the excess, which can be quite expensive.
Mind you, when I travel with my acoustic bass with, say, Ryanair, I normally buy 3 (three) extraseats for the instrument!
The backpack has to be considered a regular kind of cabin baggage. But - once again - a lot depends on who you run into, so be careful in choosing the check in agent! :) (I am actually serious about this)

26-06-2004, 14:46
I found that with international flights Aeroflot are lenient but with domestic they tend to charge. As usual, if it is a small airport a bribe is cheaper.

12-07-2004, 23:26
We felw on Thursday to Moscow from Aeroflot (allbeit from London) and they were not allowing more than 1 piece of hand luggage. They quite nicely also charge us $120 for being over weight. But like mentioned earlier, it all depends on the assistant and the volume on the flight.

13-07-2004, 06:32
Originally posted by tommo
it all depends on the assistant and the volume on the flight.

Tommo i wish that were true but it's a load of old cobblers ;)

They fill the plane with aviation fuel according to how busy the flight is, so it doesn't matter how many are booked onto the flight, depends on the assistant alright whether he/she is asleep and doesn't notice the lead weight you just dumped on the conveyor belt.

14-07-2004, 11:28
Braders, just saying what we experienced. Who mentioned people booked onto the flight? Volume meaning amount and size of luggage as apposed to amount of people booked onto the flight.