View Full Version : Visa trip to Stockholm / Kiev

18-06-2004, 14:00
Anyone know what it is like in either of those two cities,


18-06-2004, 16:58
Been to both:

Stockholm is nice, on the river, expensive, some interesting things to see and do.

Kiev is fabulous, great city, really different from Moscow, quite european in feeling, beautiful girls everywhere.

You will need a visa to the Ukraine, so Stockholm may be a better option for your trip, however the time you spend there will be cheaper than in Sweden.

Have no idea about embassies/consular departments in either place though...

18-06-2004, 17:02
Thanks but more interested in how much it costs, how long it takes to get the visa rather than what the cities are like.


18-06-2004, 17:08
Then you should have said "anyone know what it is like getting a visa in either of these two cities...";)

I have heard that the fee is actually pretty expensive in Kiev ($400??) which if true, on top of the cost of the Ukrainian visa here (invitation plus $40 consular fee [$80 for 'express' one week service]) would make it a rip off. Also, I almost shudder to think what a Russian embassy in a former USSR country would be like - they are bad enough in London, Paris etc!!