View Full Version : Question to forum admins: Is it forbidden to post advertisments within the threads???

16-06-2004, 15:56
I would like to know: if I post commercial advertisment within any thread of this Forum, will I be deleted or punished somehow??

16-06-2004, 15:58
My question is not actual anymore as I've just red the RULES!
Excuse me for having your attention and time!

16-06-2004, 16:44
were you trying to achieve 4000 views another time?

16-06-2004, 17:19
Yes, Wilma, most likely you will be crucified

16-06-2004, 18:47
And after we have almost killed you and you are on the brink of death, we will make you watch as we delete your post!!;)

No ads in threads!


16-06-2004, 19:05
can I press the DEL button, oh go on, pleeeeeeze

16-06-2004, 19:23
Forgot to mention that the coup de grace is the sole premise of Lochnessmonster - not only does he press the delete button, but he pulls the trigger too: multi-talented is our Nessie!!

16-06-2004, 22:23
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