View Full Version : Increase PM characters?

20-08-2003, 01:25
Any chance of increasing the length of PMs beyond 1500 characters?

In reality that's only two average paragraphs, and if you are requoting anything or sending even an average-length joke, you have to send it in two chunks?

I know bandwidth costs cash, but surely we could have 3000 chars for PMs... considering many messages are already sent in two halves anyhow? :)

Many people would find 1500 completely inadequate for telling me what a low-down, back-biting, *e*x*p*l*e*t*i*v*e*-*d*e*l*e*t*e*d* etc etc I am, so give them a fair chance, eh :)


20-08-2003, 07:45
Fair point,

Tuetonic, shall I do it or will you??


20-08-2003, 09:59
For once I agree with Niel :confused:

Good idea...

Teutonic Deity
21-08-2003, 14:09
All done... new limit is 3000