View Full Version : Who has the most boring job?

11-06-2004, 12:32
Do you sit around doing nothing three days out of five eight hours a day unable to go home and having to pretend you're working?

11-06-2004, 12:34
Hmm... not quite like that...
I'm just good at multy-tasking ( as well as most women). i do my work and post on here;)

11-06-2004, 12:37
Lucky you, I just post here. :'-( Anyone else? Help me get through the day, oh help me please.

11-06-2004, 15:49
ok - how about this one? three days a week I get paid to sit behind a desk for 8 hours.....




that's it.... not do anything, not answer the phone, nothing - just sit there.....

11-06-2004, 15:53
Are you talking about you or me? More details? I browse the net....

11-06-2004, 15:59
aye - 'tis my job... quite coincidentally similar to yours.... I do also browse the net on an appallingly low speed :) seriously *nothing* I'm meant to do officially or unofficially or anything..... not even sure if there's a title on the job, just know I get paid to do it. lol how about you?

11-06-2004, 16:17
Chris, that's the sort of job I've been looking for for years. Can we switch - what were you hired to pretend to do?

11-06-2004, 16:18
Well I am kind of supposed to translate articles from English into Russian, changing them a bit and making them my own. : ) Only I first have to send links (of articles) I have found to be interesting to this guy's computer who then has to choose which he thinks are best, only he's pretty busy so quite often I have one or two articles to translate in the whole week. I tried skipping the sending links phase and translating ones I found to be good but he told me to not do that again. Amazing. Well I have now found a mate. ;-)

11-06-2004, 16:20
I don't think you will like it, Aleph! It sounds like a dream but it hardly is.... besides, you being in Toronto and chrisj_m in UK switching prolly won't be easy ;-)

11-06-2004, 17:01
aleph - I'm not hired to pretend to do anything... I'm hired simply to 'be there'.... lol

as for switching, I'd love to go to toronto one day - but am more hoping to move to moscow to live with my gf and set up home there :)

11-06-2004, 17:02
oh - and doing literally 'nothing' all day is practically almost the most soul destroying thing in the world......

11-06-2004, 17:03
Your girlfriend's here? Long distance relationship, huh?

11-06-2004, 17:04
With that I agree!

11-06-2004, 17:10
Originally posted by natlee
Your girlfriend's here? Long distance relationship, huh?

aye - didn't start out that way mind you, met at university and had a wonderful time too :) -- sadly her visa expired and she went back to russia, and there she's been ever since...... *sighs*

11-06-2004, 17:15
That su*ks... I really feel for you. : (

DJ Biscuit
11-06-2004, 17:22

I am just guessing but sitting behind a desk all day doing nothing and not answering the 'phone, does that mean you work in a customer complaints dept'? :D

Public sector?


11-06-2004, 17:39
thanks matey :(

11-06-2004, 18:00
lol noo - work for the university.....

DJ Biscuit
11-06-2004, 18:05
Leeds right? I studied there, many many years ago!

(most of study time actually was in the Faversham, Fenton, Eldon Packhorse etc)

11-06-2004, 18:22
lol - i live within eyesight of the fav.....

Jose L Piedra
11-06-2004, 18:25
Me. Definitely. :) Took on a temporary admin role whilst waiting for a business to start up. Split shifts - 4.30am looked lovely this morning. And you could train a hamster to do my job. ;-) Still, $=$....... :D

11-06-2004, 18:27
indeed - money is money....

Jose L Piedra
11-06-2004, 19:00
Worse still, it`s $, not $$$ or even $$. ;-) Bills to pay, ho hum ! - and the great thing is that the people I work with make it a complete pleasure to be there. In some ways, it`s a better job than when I was senior level IT. ;-)

Talking of which - got my dinner from the burger van yesterday. The fella running it used to be an IT project manager who one day got up and said, "I`m sick of working 20 hours a day six days a week, trying to cope with all this chaos and never seeing my kids. " He couldn`t be happier now, either. ;-)

11-06-2004, 21:10
So you don't have the worst job, Piedra, at least your people are nice... mine are all in one room and I am in the boss's so no one would even talk to me lol

11-06-2004, 22:44
lol - well a few more weeks and I'll be shot of these lousy jobs..... then it's either some corporate jobby here in the UK, or out in moscow :) (yey!)

12-06-2004, 11:45
Originally posted by chrisj_m
oh - and doing literally 'nothing' all day is practically almost the most soul destroying thing in the world......

But Chris, corporate jobs are "the most soul destroying thing in the world" - when you're doing nothing, you're doing it for yourself, when you're working on something entirely meaningless and transitory for good money so you can eventually resemble the morons senior to you, it rather screws up your worldview.

Besides, you can use free time to do things you like (... my fantasy talking.)

Jose L Piedra
12-06-2004, 13:07
Originally posted by chrisj_m
lol - well a few more weeks and I'll be shot of these lousy jobs..... then it's either some corporate jobby here in the UK, or out in moscow :) (yey!)

Chris, there are hardly any "lousy corporate jobs" in Moscow for even senior UK managers - a 22 year old graduate with little work experience and no Russian language is going to have a very hard time finding a position there unless he`s highly specialised - or highly lucky.

12-06-2004, 15:17
indeed, I have only a few decent IT/Management jobs that are sat on my CV at the age of 22 - four working as as administrative support and network administrator for a british sports safety firm whilst at Uni, and a year working as a management level Business/IT analyst for a large corporate body so far - which opens me to the lower level of work out there at the moment, but hey - I'm going to give it a try anyway :)

The language issue on the other hand is in the process of being tackled, although I expect it'll take some time.

As for luck, it's only what you make of a situation - and am looking forward to the challenge.

13-06-2004, 03:54
Is this not a rather depressing thread, after all do you really need to remind your self, just how dull you think your job is?

You could always try being a superhero for a change.

13-06-2004, 16:16
hehe - yeah like valtrex man :) *g* maybe nobody's heard the comedy sketch, so now I'm sounding like a sicko.... mmm maybe I should stop talking :)

16-06-2004, 16:12
back at the boring job again - jeez it's tiring... lol
did 18 hours yesterday mostly wandering around bringing ungrateful souls cups of tea / coffee etc, inc 6 hours of working behind the bar at the Ash gig.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

thank god today it's 'sit and do nothing for 8 hrs' day :)

16-06-2004, 16:42
Well how about painting the wall in front of you and then watching it dry - that might add a bit of excitement to your life?

Sorry, but don't just watch the minutes of your life tick by and then come and tell us about it. Actually, you should have run away with ASH for a few months, that would have been a laugh.

But PLEASE get a life and a job you enjoy

16-06-2004, 16:51
If you didn't want to read about someone bored at work, don't read the "Whose job is more boring?" thread :) *g*

tbh, I know it's not a great thing to talk about - heck, the only reason it's up here is because it's on-topic + I'm going nuts! :)
there's plenty of other stuff going on... :-p

Matt Bury
17-06-2004, 06:56
Hey Chris, you sound like one lucky guy! Finding love is no easy thing to do. The Russian bit shouldn't be an insurmountable problem - Where there's a will there's a way.

Don't worry about the language barrier - Get yourself out there as soon as possible and you'll be gabbering away in Russian in no time. It's really easy when you live in the country and even easier if your girlfiend's from there too.

Go, leave your boring job, see the one you love, enjoy the adventure of a lifetime, even if the worst comes to the worst at least you got up and did something and you'll have some great memories... and of course there's the best case scenario... What could your life be like in 5, 10, 15 year's time?

17-06-2004, 10:16
Hmm Matt, get YOURself over here! Whatcha doing in Spain?! Come enjoy the snow! ;-)

Matt Bury
19-06-2004, 06:49
Is it snowing over there?!!

It's REALLY hot over here. It'd make a nice change but I have to find a decent job first.

21-06-2004, 00:51
1stly - thanks matt :) - just sorting out job and finances + will see about moving :)

2ndly - snow??? I know the weather's a bit dull over there at the moment, but didn't hear about that :)

21-06-2004, 10:15
C'mon I was just kidding guys, enough snow for us. ;-)

21-06-2004, 18:23
hehe - yeah, was wondering - gf didnt mention snow :) thought you guys had better weather than us brits anyhow during summer :)

DJ Biscuit
23-06-2004, 17:03
Unfortunately not, this summer and last have been non existant, GB is enjoying much finer summers.

24-06-2004, 10:13
Oh trust me it's gonna get so hot you won't be able to breathe, only rains ARE killing me.. much like in GB

24-06-2004, 18:32
Chris, have you thought about bringing her back to Uk while you wait? Just enroll her in a school and apply for 3 month visa. Thats what I did.

25-06-2004, 03:05
Unfortunately not, this summer and last have been non existant, GB is enjoying much finer summers.

one thing for it - head south to samara and enjoy the wonders of datcha :) hehe

Chris, have you thought about bringing her back to Uk while you wait? Just enroll her in a school and apply for 3 month visa. Thats what I did.

lol - another cool idea, thankies ;) she's working out there now though - and is 'happy' spending her time at the office.. lol - apart from the *two hours* she spends getting to / from work in moscow each day.... still a chance of us both setting up here in the UK after a short spell in moscow - so much to sort out and decide first, but will know better in 2/3 weeks

14-11-2004, 19:54
Pavel Borodin

15-11-2004, 10:18
Librarian.... I guess it is boring to sit and to do nothing.

15-11-2004, 11:01
Jeez, where have you dug that one up.