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28-07-2008, 15:16
Hi all,

I'm just trying to find out what part of the city is this address:

ul. Vavilova, 91 str.2, Moscow, 117335.

Is it in the east, north, south or west?

Thanks if you can help.:plane:

28-07-2008, 15:22
Карта Москвы и Московской области на Яндекс.Картах (http://maps.yandex.ru/map.xml?mapID=2000&mapX=4181652&mapY=7462281&descx=4181652&descy=7462281&scale=9&text=%F3%EB.+%C2%E0%E2%E8%EB%EE%E2%E0%2C+91+%F1%F2%F0.2%2C)

29-07-2008, 15:42
it's outside the 3rd ring road to the south west running parallel to Leninsky Prospekt.

Try google earth too - it can give you a sense of perspective.