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27-07-2008, 19:08
Did you know that if you drink 3 gallons of fresh water you can die?

Did you know that there is the same salt content in your tears as ocean water?

Did you know that it takes 30 mins of excerise to just start burning fat?
And if you drink water after 30 mins you may need another 30 mins to start burning fat.

28-07-2008, 09:20
Approximately 70% of freshwater is consumed by agriculture.

Has an important role in the world economy, used for chemical substances and facilitates industrial cooling and transportation.

Theory - in 2025 more than half of the population will face water base vulnerability.

28-07-2008, 15:10
a high % of fresh water is consumed by evaoration

28-07-2008, 15:13
a high % of fresh water is consumed by evaoration

You could say a high % of dirty water falls as rain.

28-07-2008, 21:51
Try this,

Water Intoxication & Hyponatremia (http://chemistry.about.com/cs/5/f/blwaterintox.htm)

Len Ganley Stance
29-07-2008, 14:00
To quote WC Fields -

I don't drink water. Fish f*ck in it.