View Full Version : Seeking advice on bringing children to Moscow

19-08-2003, 16:27
Am really interested to hear from anyone who is currently bringing up kids in Moscow. Having lived there on and off for a number of years without them, we now have the opportunity to come back with two little ones and I am keen to find out what the pros and cons are before we make the move.

19-08-2003, 17:04
Unfortunately, we arrived with our toddler in the summer, which was too quiet and made it hard to find playmates - even the sunday brunch entertainment is closed in most places for the summer (ditto for the Christmas period).

If you've lived here before, you'll probably have a better idea of where to go based on friends. There's a good Russian book called "Children in Moscow" which, if you can read Russian, is a great source of information and ideas.

We haven't had a quiet time since arriving, so that must be a good sign - there's the zoo, lots of parks with varying degrees of children's entertainment, ice rinks (and outdoor skating in winter), shows for children (from puppet theatres to afternoon cinema showings) and, if you're the type of family that likes to "get out there" and explore, generally interesting things to do, like sightseeing, boat trips and time out of town.

There's a lot of choice in terms of education as well - local and foreign - which you'll need to look into and make a decision on, of course.

Really, it depends on you - it can work and be a great experience for you all, if you're willing to make it work and make it interesting. We're having a great time, anyway! Good luck :)