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25-07-2008, 14:25
I previously posted a question about the 90/180 days change concerning visas and working full-time in Moscow. From the replies and other information, to continue to stay here but work for a different employer(who has insufficient status/registrations to employ foreigners), it seems there is little alternative apart from going the "official" work permit route. To help me, a Russian colleague in the UK found the company on the link below on the internet for me.

ООО «НормативЪ» - Разрешение на работу - Дальнее зарубежье (http://www.norma-migracia.ru/permit2.html)

The site is not in English and I'm unable to read the Russian text so can't be sure how many services they offer but, as far as I can see, I need 3 things to stay here quasi-legally (I have no knowledge of the company whose name appears on the documents and would supposedly be my employer):

A work permit - the plastic card

A one-year, multi-entry visa for my UK passport - I am guessing it to be the loose green paper document similar to my current one

An annual registration document for my privately rented apartment - my previous employer issued this previously and had it stamped by the relevant authorities.

For a "real" existence, I imagine that I would also need to be able to produce some (contrived) contract of employment and, if it was to look legitimate, produce evidence of receiving some pay and having 13% of a notional salary deducted.

Presumably there is always the risk that the company whose name appears on the work permit could close and I would consequently lose whatever I have paid because my legal status would automatically end.

Plus, I am unclear if any or all of these confer a status of temporary residency that I've seen in other threads.

Does anyone have previous experience of this situation / this or similar companies?

25-07-2008, 14:41
This is only me, but I personally would be wary of such agencies. As far as I understand you need an invitation and work contract from a bonafide company that is already registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and these companies are listed and easily traced.

Now if you decide to stay in Russia longer than the normal required period of a business visa, you run risk of a heavy fine, and being deported never to come back again to Russia.

And if you take a job with a company who is not registered to employ foreigners, you run risk of being fined yet again, and your employer will fined much more than you.

Although I have heard of giving a few bribes here and there, if you need to get out of this mess. About a years salary perhaps? :)

28-07-2008, 11:02
Hi there Bels

Thanks for your comments - I think you echoed my "too good to be true" feelings that I have about the situation. As an alternative, it seems that my new Russian employer will now investigate using a UK-based company that he owns to open a representative office in Moscow. Apparently this then allows him to employ up to 5 foreigners (such as me). Of course, I can't help thinking that this route will almost certainly have its own peculiar conditions, idiosyncracies and hurdles to clear!
I'll let you know in due course!

best regards


28-07-2008, 12:07
If your new employer happens to be any company, including a Russian company, why not simply apply to the appropriate government department himself, to allow him to invite you and other foreigners working legally.

I've heard the first step takes the longest, and the most expensive, however after that it gets easier.