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08-06-2004, 14:23
Gee Dubbya Gotta Go!

Now here’s my story ‘bout Georgie the loser
He was a vote stealin’ closet type boozer
A point of light as bright as Dan Quayle
We’ll never know how he stayed out of jail!

(chorus - Hi-dee-hi-dee-ho)
Now, this is what I know
Gee-ee dubbya gotta go!

Dubbya got mixed up with a bloke named Cheney
Whose great piles of loot made him insaney
With so much greed, graft and corruption
They went into a sweetheart production

He had a dream about a despot in Eden
With crude resources that Dick’s pals were needin'
Fear and madness spreadin’ like a disease
Rummy and Wolfy fabricatin’ W-M-Ds

Calling on the Almighty to stoke his rage
He’d bomb Baghdad back to Stone Age
And with a half million troopers at his command
He’s whuppin’ that foreign ass all over the land

Now Pappy ‘G’ pondered, what a cold-hearted spy
To finish that thing that he started so sly
The kid stuck in a bomb, and pulled out Saddam
And said "What a good son of a gun am I!"

Now Georgie met with ol’ deacon Billy
Who preached to him, “Yo slick! This war too silly!”
While pickin’ up the pieces behind a closed door
All the haves are getting to have so much more

Meanwhile, weasel boy Johnny slinks under his thumb
Keepin’ sweet justice both blind, deaf and dumb
Obedience is virtue, compliance our fate
Security is paramount for a holy police state

Now that’s not the end of my story
Something is wrong!
We'll just have to keep singin' this song
'Til Gee Dub-a-ya's gone!

Bradley N. Litwin

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