View Full Version : your emotional high in russia...

08-06-2004, 13:45
if you care to talk about it...

mine probably was visiting bulgakov's flat. you go inside the building and the stairs are full of graffiti. what a start! the mood is already set. what is this? so quickly down the rabbit hole?! there's a guide telling all the stories but i understand nothing. i'm trying to hear voices, see a shadow or something. i'm thinking this is the best moment for a showdown with the spiritual world and my voodoo blood is burning. there are others and if things get sticky i can always scream. no tickling sounds, no apparitions... but i felt something anyway.

at the end comes the funny part, somebody tells the guide i'm cuban...

- ah, so he speaks cuban...
- if it was a language, most likely.

08-06-2004, 14:11
Church bells.

We have a little neighborhood Orthodox church across the street and there's a guy who climbs up in there when the time is right (haven't been able to discern any real pattern) and starts ringing a tune. Not always the same tune. Sometimes slow, sometimes he gets the big bell gonging and the smaller ones ringing and you can see him up in the bell tower working like a madman.

The sound drifts through the air and carries me with it. I think it's the most charming thing about living here.

08-06-2004, 14:11
what is the precise adress?