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DJ Biscuit
19-07-2008, 16:52
By WENN world entertainment news -

Pop star Justin Timberlake was so nervous when he met his sports idol Michael Jordan, he wet himself.

The SexyBack singer counts the basketball star as one of his biggest role models, and he could not contain his excitement when Jordan admitted he was a fan of his music.

Timberlake says, "When I was young... I wanted to be Michael Jordan. It was weird, I heard (Gary Wright song) Dreamweaver in my head when he walked in the room.

"He was like, `Hey man, my kids and I, we're big fans of your music,' and I was like, `That's cool...' Up until the point where he walked away and I realised I had peed a little."

19-07-2008, 18:16
Record sales low perhaps?

DJ Biscuit
19-07-2008, 18:22
P*ss poor you mean?

I can't see how that would increase sales. I mean it's the teenage fans that are supposed to wet themselves, not the 'rock star'.