View Full Version : To those of you who think all is well in the world

08-06-2004, 01:53
To those amongst us who still think all is well and its "just a phase that will pass".....quoting Associated Press and our Gooooooooooooood friends in the Jihad Club.......things are going to get ugly.....and looks like were all targets.....time to either convert or suffer the consequences accorging to the "religion of Peace" loving amongst us ::::)

It warned that everything associated with "crusaders" _ the term used by militants for Americans and Europeans _ including "compounds, bases and means of transport, especially Western and American airlines, will be the direct targets of our next operations in the path of holy war ... especially in the near future."

The statement warns all Muslims to avoid "contact with the American and Western crusaders and all nonbelievers in the Arabian peninsula."

08-06-2004, 03:42
Hmm I wonder why that is ?
and just an aside:
Rep Ron Paul is about the only one in congress that even appears to have read the constitution.