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Andre Kash
17-07-2008, 23:03
Is there any way to get a work permit/visa without a sponsor (empoyer)?

17-07-2008, 23:09
I don't think so, well at least not legally. PLEASE :) Someone prove me wrong, because I'd love to hear it in this case.

17-07-2008, 23:17
However , just a second thought. In Britain and new laws. you don't need an invitation from a particular employer. But you do need to pass the immigration department that you are of a certain profession, and have qualifications of what Britain is intersted in. Does Russia have a similar system?

18-07-2008, 10:49
I got a work permit and had to satisfy the government that I was qualified and that no Russian could do my job.

I had to have a university degree, professional qualifications and work experience in my field.

It took many months to finally get the permit.

18-07-2008, 12:06
There are lots of companies that sell the work permits. I guess it costs about 30,000 RU.

18-07-2008, 12:53
There are lots of companies that sell the work permits. I guess it costs about 30,000 RU.

But are they legal, and why not apply direct to the correct government dept, rather than use a third party.

The only loophole I can think of is of a company "employer " who can get invitations. So they sell you the invitation, and you do as you please.

It's the same as The UK. Spend a small fortune with an agent, or simply apply direct yourself to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and save yourself a lot of money.

18-07-2008, 12:56
No, they sell you the work permit, and the work visa.

You become a "consultant".

Legal? Nope.

12-08-2008, 17:24
If you need some assistance for visa and working permit and registration i can recommend a company for you. But i need to know all the details about your previous documents. You can have a personal visit at the office of this company. The Director speaks english and russian very well

12-08-2008, 17:57
If the police or authorities wanted to inspect one of these work permits, would they be able to tell the difference from a bogus one and a genuine work permit?

I think it's best you take the legal route yourself, and forget the agents. I personally would look for an employer who is used to employing foreigners.

Let's not forget that these work invitations are coming from the ministry of foreign affairs direct to the registered employer, and are easily sourced.

12-08-2008, 18:16
(please note,I am a Chef,and have to carry by law a 'medical book', so THIS little check up, was nothing for me. since i have to do every 6 month about double the number of checks that are being asked here...)

theoretically you are not supposed to be in the country..
after an interview by phone/e-mail or however, your future employer must apply to the authorrities that he wants to employ you and no Russian can do your job.To bad if the quota is full, you are out of luck ( at least in Moscow).
But apparently there is a new law around that excempts (sp?)certain groups of Expats from the quota system.Who is this group, no one kowns...
Than you get an invitation and from the embassy in your home country a 3 month (one in-one out) visum.
with that you come to Russia. You need a place to live and also a registration from your landlord.( the local post office does it now and you must keep this little slip of paper with you. it is needed when you leave the country or change places)
than you go to your local health clinic where you get a nice paper to get your medical check up.
Lepra, HIV,Tuberculosis,Syphillis, Gonoreah, an X-ray and a check up from the 'Narkolog' if you under the influence of Narcotics.
note:x-rays can be up to one year old. but they also must have a paper from the clinic where the x-ray was taken and explain what you have, if anything or if your lungs are clean. and of course it must be translated into russian language.....
I do not know if any of these private clinics can do that all on their premises.
Invitro can not do it.
Remember, no paper must be older than a month..
All these papers you hand in to your personal office.They go than to the local OVIR where your three month one way visum will be changed into a one year multi enty visum.
Every time you change your flat, you need a new registration and the old one you must send in where the previous registration was done.AND OF COURSE REGISTER AT THE NEW PLACE, WITHIN 3 WORKING DAYS. Or you pay some 900 rubles and you are registered in the tundra with some 500 other people at a one room shack...not recommended.
If you leave the country, theat slip of paper will be taken away by customs
( or not) and when you come back you must register again, because the migration card that you get on arrival when you come back, has now a different number....and the computer knows that, on the way out.
don't forget this, it will be hell to pay on leaving if one of the many numbers don't add up on that little computer at the airport.
and after ONE year, if you are still employed by the same boss, it is off to the clinic again and you get another visum...and hopefully for more than one year.
cost: about 3000 rubles for all the medical check ups.1000 rubles for the taxi. the rest the company paid.

Carlos Andres Reyes
14-08-2008, 13:28


I am foreigner living in moscow...I am interested in getting a work visa...
Can someone recommend a ¨trustable¨ company or agency to do that...?


Carlos A. Reyes

14-08-2008, 16:55


I am foreigner living in moscow...I am interested in getting a work visa...
Can someone recommend a ¨trustable¨ company or agency to do that...?


Carlos A. Reyes

Yes! The company that can employ you.

Carlos Andres Reyes
14-08-2008, 17:45
thanks for your answer... but I was looking for some other way...


Carlos A. Reyes