View Full Version : Finally got to Moscow!

05-06-2004, 21:52
Finally got to Moscow!

Got some goodies for you guys, cant remember who gets what though?:shame:

Doritos (regular flavor)
Jelly beans (knock off brand)
Root Beer (Mug, could not find A&W in a 6 pack and was running low on room, sorry plastique)
Maple Syrup

05-06-2004, 21:57
<<Jelly beans (knock off brand)>>

Those would be for me!! Thanks for getting them across...drop me a PM in the week and I'll meet you somewhere to exchange them for a drink! Or perhaps come along to the "main" expat think next Friday where ever we decide it will be...

Viagra Girl
05-06-2004, 22:06
Hey, Hi to you!
I didnt ask to anithyng special, but my ACat would be happy to meet you coming Fri and discuss mice, weather, Niagara falls and what ever... Dont forget to change the time!

06-06-2004, 05:40
Well, itís been a rough first nightÖ
Maybe got 3 hours of sleep and am sick as a dog. Still feels great to be in Moscow again!

I would really like to check out the Friday night booze fest, have been reading posts about them for a while. Thanks a lot for the drink!

Iím looking forward to meeting you too. Donít get me started on the weather in Canada, itís been a very cold May and I got a ear infection out of itÖÖ

Your 6 pack of root beer is now a 5 pack due to some interest on the part of my relatives here.

06-06-2004, 15:15
AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! thank's ok..convert them all so that they bottle it here!!!!

Miss B
06-06-2004, 16:00
Welcome, B-K!:hooray:

Looking forward to meeting you:inlove:... and my Maple Syrup :D

06-06-2004, 18:59
Thanks for the welcome beauty!:)
Iím looking forward to meeting you too!

I still have a bag of unclaimed Doritos; itís still up for grabs if anyone wants those cheesy triangles.:D

Your 5 pack has shrunk one in size, I figured that itís rude to give an odd number, so evening things out sounded like a good and tasty idea.:agree:

Miss B
06-06-2004, 19:33
Hey, DPG, will you treat me to your Jelly Beans? ;)
Oops... am I too bold? :shame:

well... I should reduce my desires....:ignore:

06-06-2004, 21:26
Looking at that picture makes me think that I may be persuaded to sacrifice a couple of jelly beans!!:D;)

Miss B
06-06-2004, 21:48
they must be foot long jelly beans then...;) :p

Miss B
06-06-2004, 21:56
I can let you have a lick of my maple syrup in return!!:D


06-06-2004, 23:24
Hmmm, a lick of maple syrup - that's no good...maple syrup is best served poured over things!!;)

Boris - I have more than a sneaking suspicion that I know who the unclaimed Doritos are for...I would however be eternally grateful if you could relinquish them to me at the same time as the jellybeans so that when that person's current supply is depleted, I can do some blackmailing!!:)

Miss B
07-06-2004, 00:17
will it be ok to pour it over your jelly beans? ;)


07-06-2004, 08:30
DPG & Beauty

I have a feeling that my little snack gifts to you will be defiled in the most bizarre way, I like it!
Nothing turns a gal on more then maple syrup covered jellybeans.
You can sure have the Doritos DPG:) . You better be careful though because now a great power has been entrusted to you. Doritos to Limita is like kryptonite to Superman, donít use your new found power for evil, good will always prevail, ahhh what the hell am I talking about, use it for evil!!!!!! :agree:


Your 4 pack is now a 3, got someone else who came over to see me and said ďwhat the hell is thatĒ. He did not like it, said that their kvas was superior.:) :agree:

07-06-2004, 18:13
Originally posted by Boris-Kachakokof
Nothing turns a gal on more then maple syrup covered jellybeans.

And nothing turns on a guy more that a girl covered in maple syrup and jellybeans!!;) Lol!

Originally posted by Boris-Kachakokof
You can sure have the Doritos DPG:)

Oh yeah!!:thumbsup:

Originally posted by Boris-Kachakokof
Plastique, Your 4 pack is now a 3, got someone else who came over

If this carries on she'll kill you, you know!!

Billie Bob
07-06-2004, 21:38
Could we place a bid on that maple syrup?



07-06-2004, 23:15
listen to dpg...he knows me well...i may not kill you, but you'll walk funny for a while...grrrr

11-06-2004, 01:47
Plastique, I am sorry to say that there are 2 bottles left and I wont be able to make it this Friday.

Next Friday will be there for sure!