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14-07-2008, 20:25
My landlord stores a bunch of junk on my balcony, and has long promised to get rid of it, but now I'm fed up and taking matters into my own hands...

The question is: how do you throw out a refrigerator in this town? Is there a service you can call to come pick up big garbage items? If so, do they charge a fee?

14-07-2008, 20:32
How about: "Oops . . . it fell. . ." :)

(Wish I could help, but have no idea.)

15-07-2008, 01:27
Just hire two guys that look like they need money near your apartment. Then you put the thing in an empty garbage bin. Problem solved.
Just chuck all the other crap. You're paying for the apartment which includes the use of the balcony. No need to put up with this sh** from slimy Moscow landlords.

15-07-2008, 01:45
If you throw anything out he will charge you for it. Probably at replacement cost.
As has already been mentioned it's common in Russia to have the landlords clobber cluttering up your apartment.
Get used to it or move!

15-07-2008, 01:58
Better idea. Withhold the rent until he clears the balcony. If you have the stamina.

On second thought do what I said first.

15-07-2008, 02:06
Better idea. Withhold the rent until he clears the balcony...............

............and you'll be looking for a new apartment. :11513:

15-07-2008, 02:22
............and you'll be looking for a new apartment. :11513:

Maybe not a bad idea if you've a landlord from hell.

15-07-2008, 10:53
Have you spoken to the agent who got you the apartment in the first place? Perhaps they can help. Also, most contracts (I am told) include a clause that gives you the ability to get your own person to do repairs then deduct from rent if the landlord doesn't do it within a specified time. I would try to enforce that aspect, and tell the landlord that after X days if he hasn't moved the stuff you will dispose of it.

Is the fridge not functioning? I guess if it has been on the balcony for this long then it won't be anymore.... What is the rest of the stuff? Is it really junk or would it be of value to the landlord? If it really is junk then he might be OK for you to dump it, and he is simply too lazy to do it himself. If not, then I would be cautious about dumping it in case he does charge you for it.

Transparent Theatre
15-07-2008, 12:21
He's almost certainly bunged it there because he is too lazy to dispose of it himself. Maybe suggest to him that you'd be prepared to arrange disposal at your own cost, because you'd like the space on the balcony... and that you're intending to do so by the end of the month if he doesn't object? That way it's tactful, it sounds like you are doing him a favour, and you've notified him officially too.

Easiest way is to find the blokes who sweep-up and tidy the dvor (usually in orange fluorescent jackets, and often to be found hanging-around by the dustbins) and offer them a bit of cash to come and shift it.