View Full Version : Recomended vet services??

12-07-2008, 13:55
So, I think by the end of today I will be the proud owner of a Moscovite kitten :celebrate:, thanks to everyone's advice, especially Katrine! Really, this forum is great and my boyfriend (who is Azeri) just cannot believe the lengths people will go to to help each other, just because! So hopefully I can do others a good turn someday too!

Where do you recommend for vet services? A general checkup now, followed by sterilization? And how much have these services cost for others here in Moscow?

ps i speak russian, so that's no problem.

Katrine L
12-07-2008, 14:40
Here is a list of all vet clinics of Moscow Ветеринарные клиники. Ветеринарные клиники Москвы (http://www.aibolit-911.narod.ru/a102.htm)
(495) 9721001 - 24 hour Home service

or here you can find which is more closer to your underground
Ветеринария, Ветеринарные клиники - адреса, схемы проезда :: 4dogs.ru (http://www.4dogs.ru/?p=6) (most clinics serve cats as well)
Ветеринарные лечебницы, клиники, станции | Желтые Страницы Москва и Московская обл. | телефонный справочник, телефонная база, телефоны и почтовые адреса фирм и организаций России (http://www.yellow-pages.ru/rus/nd2/qu5/ru15701)
Ветеринарные клиники Москвы и Московской области (http://www.vetweb.ru/mosvetcliniki.htm)
В начало справочника - Портал о ветеринарии для владельцев животных (http://www.veterinarka.ru/index.php?option=com_sobi&catid=19&Itemid=40&limit=30&limitstart=0)

Check the prices with them. Hopefully they will not be too expensive. Good luck!