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12-07-2008, 06:11
Hi all!

This opportunity for anyone currently in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I'm looking for two volunteer Russian-English
interpreters for an international conference (World Open Space on Open Space 2008 (http://wosonos2008.org)) set to take place in San Francisco July 21-28.

Key days we are looking for interpreters are July 24-26.

Think the conference will be a lot of fun and learning experience, too.

All bright ideas are welcome.

The annual World Open Space on Open Space (WOSonOS wosonos2008.org) is a yearly international gathering (this is the 16th such conference) of facilitators who work with a group facilitation approach called Open Space Technology (OST) (технология "Открытое пространство").

In a word, OST is a very simple, powerful way of bringing very diverse groups of people from 5 to 2,000 or more to have inspired conversations leading to breakthrough results. It is used for strategic planning, conferences, community dialogs, peacemaking, etc.

It has been used to plan the future of corporations small and large, in peacemaking (Palestinians and Israelis for example, bringing together government people from both sides and so-called extremist groups), used in Russia with the United Russia Party, with major Russian corporations (Beeline, for example), and in Chechen refugee camps, to cite a few examples.

The conference is organized on a volunteer basis by members of the OST practitioner community. The goal of the conference is for OST practitioners to deepen their own understanding of OST, to share experience.

The conference doesn't usually make money, rather there is a high value placed on making conference attendance possible, so there are no funds available to pay someone to interpret.

I think the conference would be of interest if you are interested in learning both in a very broad sense and also practically or if you have an interest in facilitation, training, and consulting.

It most likely will also be a valuable networking opportunity. Most likely, the person you'd be interpreting for is Larisa Nekroenko. She is business partner of Boris Masterov (masterov-group.ru), one of Russia's top ten corporate trainers.

The dates for which we most critically need volunteers are July 24-26. We can pay a stipend of $100/day to cover your costs. Your meals will be covered and you'd be welcome to attend (and interpret), if you can, all pre- and post-conference events.

I personally do not know of a more interesting, engaging annual conference. I would be interpreting for my Russian colleagues myself - they are coming at my encouragement - , but the truth is is that I'd like to participate! The last time this conference took place in the US was 8 years ago (the last two conferences took place in Kiev and Moscow, respectively, the first times they were ever held in the CIS).

While at the conference, you'd be free to participate, too, in the sessions of the person you'd be accompanying throughout.

There will be other Russian participants at the conference who speak English. If the person you will be interpreting for is in a session with them, you may be able to rest, and let them do the interpreting.

I don't know how well I've communicated the benefits. If you are curious and still would like to/need to hear more to make a decision, I'd be happy to talk more over the phone with you. I'm happy to call.

If you'd like to read more about the approach, here are some links:

OST's originator, Harrison Owen, on OST, its history, and the larger picture
emergent order (http://www.openspaceworld.com/emergent_order.htm)

International OST portal
OpenSpaceWorld.ORG (http://www.openspaceworld.org)

Proceedings from the Moscow WOSonOS in 2006:

If you decide you can do it, I'll work with you beforehand to orient you to the terms in English and Russian...

We'd be happy to write a letter of thanks after the conference for your hard work if it would help.