View Full Version : Summer acting camp anyone?

03-06-2004, 19:45
I want to do a summer camp for emglish speaking kids here cuz lord knows how bored they must be....spefically i want to teach acting and have a little show for them to do at the end. does anyone know of anything already existing or whatnot?

Miss B
03-06-2004, 20:44
mmm... funny... I'm doing right that at present :)

I'm working at a city school summer camp... only one hour a day... I'm staging a play (a very funny one) in English with children. But they are russian.
when I got involved in it (a friend of mine who works as a teacher at that school asked me) I didn't know the level of the kidds' English... now I wanna hang myself... we started tree days ago and for the present they hardly can read the script. and one more thing - I absolutely can't control them. Their school year is over and the only things they want to do are fighting and throwing toys at each other. I hope I survive till the end of this month... when everything is over.

Good luck in your idea :)

and pleeeaase wish me luck with these little monsters :cry:

Jose L Piedra
04-06-2004, 02:16
"Summer, acting camp" .......... ?? :)