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03-06-2004, 17:56
During my frequent visits on business in Russia (other countries too BTW), I noticed the poor old Russian shoppers having to struggle a bit with imported food / drink with it's labels all in English .

What is this stuff ? what does it taste like ? how do I consume it best ? is it premium or standard stuff ? etc are questions going thru their minds.

For importing a foreign brand, would it help to sell more if there was a label in local language on the front / back / side of the item ?
Maybe not as easy as it sounds....but would appreciate it if anyone could give me some feedback / ideas.

03-06-2004, 18:12
By law, there must be a label in Russian; this ranges from a full translation to a hastily prepared sticker that describes the product and lists some information about it. I find the latter type of labels rather desultory and even scatological in quality and appearance, and most are rather hard to read. Some are printed on such poor quality paper that they are practically illegible as they are destroyed by heat, moisture etc.

Also, note that some (albeit fewer, at least in Moscow) goods sold in outdoor markets are of dubious provenance and may not have such labels.

03-06-2004, 18:31
Originally posted by LKKL
...rather *desultory* in quality and appearance...

"Ok, Alex, I'll take 'Vocabulary Enrichment' for $600..."

Why do I have the feeling that you've been registered under a different guise/incarnation and avatar at this site? Come clean LKKL...:rolleyes:

DJ Biscuit
03-06-2004, 18:33
No it's not who you think it is. But I am sure we know this chap.

03-06-2004, 23:46
despite the compulsory stickers, i cannot count the times my MIL has asked "what is this? what is it for?" as she goes through my pantry. *sigh*