View Full Version : Who would you want to teach your child English?

02-06-2004, 14:45
I am a Canadian female native English teacher interested in helping you and your children to learn English. With Canadian English representing the international English between American and British English, it can be advantageous to learn English from a Canadian.

With three degrees (2 Bachelors and 1 Master) and higher education in Canada, the United Kingdom and Russia, I also have experience as an instructor at the university level, as an English teacher for different age groups, and as an editor. Fluent in Russian and having worked with students from different cultures, I have a capacity for teaching both Russian and non-Russian learners of English.

Though I have experience teaching adults, I am particularly fond of working with teenagers and children. For adults, I prefer to work on your conversational English or with English learners at any level using a mixture of language textbooks, interactive dialogue and exercises. For children, the focus is on learning English in an interactive play way or with language textbooks, at the parents' preference.

Other than teaching engagements, I would also be interested in part-time work as a teacher/governess for families interested in such services.

I have a relatively flexible schedule, but would prefer to meet with you on weekends, evenings or mornings. I am willing to teach in my home or yours, though other arrangements are also possible (for those of you who prefer the dacha, office, etc.) Thus, rates and times are negotiable.

Please call for more information. 766-4625 or 461-3965 smclarnon@yahoo.com SHAUNA