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02-06-2004, 13:45
...for those foreign brands.

no one beats the japs when it comes to spanish meanings:

nissan moco - nissan snot
mazda laputa - mazda the bitch
mitsubishi pajero - mitsubishi wanker

02-06-2004, 13:50
man, in spain they are called 'montero'. but i actually saw one 'pajero' in barcelona! the guy must have been very self assured

on the topic: Lada nova - Lada doesn't drive (true :)

02-06-2004, 14:04
Originally posted by Midas
on the topic: Lada nova - Lada doesn't drive (true :)
yeah, lada doesn't drive... sure!

and my personal shot at this one:

NESCAFE - no es cafe (it's not coffee!)

02-06-2004, 14:12
I had a hangover on the way to work today and was feeling pretty grumpy. I looked at the VW in front of us and noticed that the model was called "Passat".
In russian, Passat' is "to take a piss".

I can relate, dude. I wish could have a bong hit to make my head quit ****in' pounding!

02-06-2004, 14:20
hey, look, let me tell you something: i am not mister lebowski, i am the dude! call me dude, man!