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01-06-2004, 22:24
Hi ,
my name is Thierry Cellerin . I'd like to start in Moscow
my own business in tourism , working as tour operator
providing services in France . I'm working in partnership
with one of the biggest tour operator in Paris , which
deal with more than 500 hundreds nights / a year booking
in the most important hotel all around France . Thanks
to that , I can propose very attractive prices ( between
20 to 50 % discount ) on more than 100 hotels in Paris
and 70 on the Riviera . I can also provide any kind of services
from guiding to transfers , from cabarets to car rentals .
As I'm just starting this business , I m looking for serious
travel agencies and a business partner .

Thank you .

28-06-2004, 19:39
hello, Thierry...
i ve read ur message.. can u say me if u r interesting in it now, course of maybe i can help u... i dont work in the travel agency, but maybe i can help u.. just becourse of i want to do it:) and if u decide to answer me and if u speak french - it will be easier for me - speak in french.
best regards,