View Full Version : Back to Back 3 Month Business Visa's For UK Citizen?

30-06-2008, 14:17

I am hoping that someone might be able to help me with this or point me in the right direction.

I am on my second back to back 3 month double entry business visa (going back to London in August to get the next one). I am offically self employed and have a contract here that is going to take a long time. According to the visa agency I use in London they think there may be a problem with me doing 4 back to back visas as it is a bit of a loophole to get round the new rules on the ME 90/180 restrictions. However they are not sure because I am the first person they have that is doing this since the new rules came into place.

Has anyone else had advise like this about back to back visas?

30-06-2008, 14:34
I can tell you that I did the same, only this was back in 2001/2002. My company was taking AGES to get the work permit, so I kept doing this until it came through. June 2001 - 3 months from Tallinn consulate, Sep 2001 - 3 months from Helsinki consulate, Dec 2001 - 3 months from Helsinki consulate, March 2002 - 3 months from Helsinki consulate, June 2002 - finally the 1-month single entry from Helsinki consulate that was extended for a year when I entered Russia and registered the visa with the work permit. Never any questions asked. But that was back then...