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Sergeant Disgust
28-05-2004, 17:57
What happens when one hits *ignore* button?

Sergeant Disgust
28-05-2004, 17:59
Ignore lists are used for those people who's messages you wish not to read. By adding someone to your ignore list, those messages posted by these individuals will be hidden when you read a thread.

I roger that. but does it mean that my *opponent* will be able to see MY posts?

28-05-2004, 18:01
Ignore mode means you will only see the name of your "opponent" in the box. It will say "You have this person on ignore mode - click here to read this post". To which you can click and read. But your "opponent" will still be able to read your posts unless he/she has you on ignore as well.

Sergeant Disgust
28-05-2004, 18:06
Not really cool thing.

Ned Kelly
18-06-2004, 11:53
every ******** administrator on this site seems to have me and my ******* plight on ignore mode at the moment.

didn;t they teach you articles in the army disgust?

18-06-2004, 11:56
Now you will get their attention - they will kick your sorry posterior straight off the site!

18-06-2004, 11:57
ha ha! You think so?

Ned is on a roll, Ned has got control.

Who can be a better poster?

Ned Kelly
18-06-2004, 11:58
robert, your problem is you're overly negative. i've got faith in the capacity of human beings to laugh, even moderators.

18-06-2004, 12:25
They don't laugh at the F-word here ;) ;) ;)

Ned Kelly
18-06-2004, 12:27
bet they do when they've locked poor ned out of bardak.

18-06-2004, 12:42
But how can I truly ignore someone if I go to all the trouble of putting them on the ignore list. Every time I see that ignore option I am reminded that they exist. I think that if these moderators were doing their job they would anticipate people wanting to put others on the ignore list and then they would do it for them.

18-06-2004, 14:28

Good one J.D!

Where should we start?