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27-05-2004, 18:14
Am moving the reluctant family from the US to Moscow. Have a job, can chose any area but want to buy an apartment.

Traffic being absolutely terrible and pollution a worry - am looking for an area with a park, school and housing all in one area. I know clean air is unreasonable but am looking for something less polluted than average. By a park where the kids can sled and walk around outside (accompanied by an adults). An impossible dream? Probably. Still, I'm looking.

Kids are 6 and 9 and can go to any school. Already eliminated the Anglo American School - English only, not enough emphasis on learning Russian. Also know about the British INternational School - it's an option.

Any ideas out there?



27-05-2004, 19:59
There is a large park across the street from MSU. They are at the universityet stop on the red line (fairly far SW -- about 5 stops from the circle.) I was in it today and there were a bunch of mothers with their babies in strollers. This was around 1:30PM as I was wondering back from the gym. I have no idea about prices or anything else, but I thought I could chime in...

Oh, and it is a really convenient location if you plan to take language classes. Check out www.ruslanguage.ru . If you do take classes, tell them Earl gave you the link. Thanks.


Maine Surfer
27-05-2004, 20:06
south west, west, north west

I live in Kon'kovo, it's awersome. I think you can find schools anywhere you choose to live