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27-05-2004, 12:33
I stole some sun from Poland, put it in my suitcase, and released it when I got into Moscow this morning around 7AM.

Just for all of you.

27-05-2004, 12:35
Oops...don't know why I accidently attached my "growly cats" to the post. Well, just pretend they're cheering and not angry.

27-05-2004, 12:47
:D hehehe nooooooooooope! it's not you but ME who relased the sun! :p been working on it for the whole week...~sigh~ :p

27-05-2004, 12:51
thank you ghost and special k!!
so, ghost, does your new, "beli i pushisti" identity prevent you from organizing boozers?

27-05-2004, 13:27
Nope. Negotiations in progress.

27-05-2004, 13:35
what is being negotiated?

27-05-2004, 14:17
We usually pick a few choices of places to go to for the Expat night. Then we deal with the bar managers and owners in order to get good prices and/or low cover. Since most Russian bar managers/owners don't understand the concept of customer service, and that a lot of Expats will be in their bar spending a lot of money, most negotiations fail because they don't want to give 20-30 of us a break on cover or something.

27-05-2004, 14:18
Originally posted by Ghost
Nope. Negotiations in progress.

hey! you...Thing Under WHite Cover :inlove: you promised to be smiley! ...cho-to i kinda dont see it from ya posts! dont get THAT concentrated on Friday discussions! give us a smile! :p

27-05-2004, 14:25
[deleted - decided to leave the sunshine post nice and sunshiney]

27-05-2004, 14:26
Originally posted by sevan
I will say it for him then: over the last two days I called two places and visited one and none of them were willing to either reserve tables or reduce the cover charge for a group of 20-30 people. Even with a deposit. The hostess at one place even said: "I understand that it would be good for business, but the owner doesn't and I can't convince him!" F*cking ridiculous!

well :rolleyes: that would make anybody pissed...guys we can always count on Hard Rock adn Boar HOuse tho ;) their management does love us :p

27-05-2004, 14:26
so, looking like the old stand-bys of albion or tinkoff again, is it?

27-05-2004, 14:27
NOOOO!!!! oh please, please, please not the boar house! I actually wanted to come this week...

27-05-2004, 14:30
Don't rain on my sunshine thread! Don't make me get out the cats.

27-05-2004, 14:31
Let's go back to the old places then.

27-05-2004, 15:12
Ok, what's with Albion this week?

27-05-2004, 15:16
Just for you, Shiny Happy Ghost...

Sunny Day
Sweepin' the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet

Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Sesame Street?

Come and play
Everything's A-OK
Friendly neighbors there
That's where we meet

Can you tell me how to get
How to get to Sesame Street?

27-05-2004, 15:20
No Albion this week, Kult. See thread called "FRIDAY NIGHT DRINKS"