View Full Version : Employment Agencies specialising in English speakers?

26-05-2004, 21:16
Hi all, just wondering if (and I realise it is probably wishful thinking) if anyone knows if there are any employment agencies in town which specialise in business related positions for english speakers. Am working as a teacher but I figure I will probably pick up work in a professional field if the economy booms for long enough. I am a HR type. Any thoughts? Tips?



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27-05-2004, 00:21
You can check Staffwell and Ancor. They are looking for Englishspeaking people with Russian. Or TheMoscow Times - they need editors - native English speakers. Or you can post your CV on www.headhunter.ru
It is a big advatage - speak fluent English in Moscow :)
You are free to ask other questions if any.
Good luck - Derzi hvost morkovkoi!!!!