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Len Ganley Stance
19-06-2008, 16:06
If, like me, you're easily amused, there's some funny stuff on here -

BBC SPORT | Euro 2008 blog (http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/euro2008/2008/06/quiz_alan_shearer.html)

I liked the question -

Dear Alan,

During tournaments such as the European Championship, we always seem to end up discussing a ‘group of death’. What do you think would be the ultimate ‘group of death’? I’m thinking that Sudan, North Korea, Chad and Afghanistan would take some beating.

Sidney Bliss
19-06-2008, 16:23
There are some crackers in there!

Who do you think would win in a fight - a gorilla or a lion?"

Sidney Bliss
19-06-2008, 16:25

Have you ever considered changing your first name to sheep?"

Sidney Bliss
19-06-2008, 16:29
My personal favourite...

"Dear Alan

Can a human being leave fingerprints on a parsnip?"

19-06-2008, 16:34
I liked the bet over the pork pie if Shearer will make a Moose noise on air..

Then 20 questions further the guys mate admits that he's actually eaten the pie already.

Len Ganley Stance
19-06-2008, 16:47

Which of the Golden Girls would you have most liked to share with me in a tag team event?