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17-08-2003, 13:03
Emergency regulations have come into force following the N America black-out, preventing the "Frivolous use of Power". The first arrests were made in a police swoop this morning.

Police in the Washington DC area raided the home of a man they named only as "Mr G.W.B.". GWB is alleged to have illegally acquired his source of power, and then used it frivolously to further his own economic interests - without any regard to the rest of the community, who have had to suffer the consequences of one man's selfishness.

A second arrest followed only hours later, when a man called "Dick" - allegedly an associate of GWB's - was taken into custody. Initial reports suggest that the two men connived to divert the power to an address referred to as "Bag Dad" - believed to be a codeword. By diverting it to this location, "Dick" stood to make billions of dollars personally. Police are now looking for the third member of the gang, known as "Donny" - believed to have fled to France, where he may be exploiting his local popularity to hide-out. The three men are believed to have attempted to frame a fourth man, referred to only as "The General", for their activities. Police are now investigating whether this fourth man's involvement was intentionally criminal, or merely the result of extreme naivety on his part.

As Mr GWB was led away in handcuffs, Police were harangued by a disturbed and gibbering man who shouted repeatedly that Mr B was right, and everyone else except Mr B was wrong, and especially wrong were Mr Chirac, Mr Schroeder, his former friend Mr Putin etc. No attempts were made to arrest this bystander, who is believed to be wanted in another jurisdiction to which he fears returning. A dishelleved and witch-like woman with him launched into a rousing chorus of "When I'm Sixty-Four" in an attempt to distract attention from the man believed to be her husband.

Further arrests may follow, a Police spokesman said.

17-08-2003, 14:13
Brilliant!!! Bloody fantastic...Thanks so much...:)

17-08-2003, 18:08
LOL, Very good

I am sure that we shall see all sorts of conspiracy theory come from this (blackout) but you were the first to come forward with credible information. By the way, can you name sources:confused: