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18-06-2008, 12:54
Unfortunately I can not get in contact with the UK embassy call center in Moscow. It is not the price of 75 rubles per minute to talk to an operator, it is simply I do not have a home telephone number and my company does not allow premium numbers to be called?

Does anyone on this site know of someone at the embassy who can provide me with the following information:

I am a Zimbabwe passport holder!! (Not exactly a passport or country of citizenship I would want to wish on anyone) My Grandfather was born in the UK, my father was born in Africa however is a British Passport holder and currently lives in the UK. I was entitled to UK Ancestral Right of Abode and infact my sister took that road 9 years ago in order to relocate to the UK, she is now a British citizen herself. I recently contacted a legal immigration firm in the UK, who informed me that I am no longer eligible for UK ancestry rights, simply because Zimbabwe left the Commonwealth in 2002? All information written on the internet about this law and the Immigration company in the UK came back to me saying that they have read the law and I am no longer entitled, however when I contacted the British embassy in Harare they informed me over the phone they still accept applications!! how can I confirm this information and if I still have a chance at applying and successfully receiving Ancestral Rights for the UK?

If anyone can verify this information I would really appreciate it. The last thing I want to incur is a trip to Zimbabwe only to find out the information I was given over the phone is incorrect?

18-06-2008, 13:14
When i chose British nationality, as opposed to Ghanaian,the country of my birth, I was told that if my father had been born outside the UK I would not have been allowed. Further a friend who is Australian sent his British wife back to the UK to ensure that their baby would be born there and have the right to UK citizenship.
Sorry it's not much help.
Can you not deal with the embassy in Harare by registered post or fax rather than going there?

Andy B
18-06-2008, 17:52
I have heard a similar thing. Both my kids were born in Malaysia (although they have UK passports) and I have been told that unless their kids are born in the UK, they will not have automatic right to UK citizenship.

Good luck!

19-06-2008, 08:04
I would highly reccommend this site UK Resident Immigration Forum -> UK Immigration, Residency and British Nationality Forum (http://www.ukresident.com/forums/index.php?showforum=2406)

It is full of accurate information and people in a similar boat and alot if Immigration Specialists post on there too who would be able to give you a definitive answer...trouble with speaking to a consulate or even the Home Office 9/10 havent a scooby about immigration laws...imho and experience of course