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24-05-2004, 19:33
Russian state airline Aeroflot and Sky Team alliance signed a partnership agreement and initiated the process of the Russian company’s accession to the organization. It is expected that Aeroflot will become a full member of the Sky Team alliance in 2005, Valery Okulov, head of Aeroflot told the Prime-Tass economic news agency.

The international Sky Team alliance already includes Air France, Alitalia, Delta Airlines, Czech Airlines, AirMexico and Korean Air. KLM, Northwest and Continental have already expressed their intention to join the alliance.

Speaking at a press conference following the signing of the agreement Okulov said that joining the alliance will help Aeroflot to become more competitive, especially on international routes.

President of Air France Jean-Cyril Spinetta who also took part in the press conference lauded Aeroflot on the work that the Russian company has done in the last few years in its effort to improve its services and organization of business to conform to international standards. He noted that Sky Team started negotiations with Aeroflot two years ago and the “positive changes” which happened in the Russian company show that the time for Aeroflot’s accession to the alliance is right.

25-05-2004, 09:02
Question: how does this affect code-sharing? I work here in Moscow for a US government prime contractor, thus my travel is subject to US travel regulations, chief of which is that I must use a US carrier whenever available. This means I (for now) am tied to using Delta to get out of Moscow, no matter what, which is considerably more expensive, not to mention at times inconvenient.

Does the Sky Team partnership mean I can use Aeroflot, Air France, or any of the others who may have a route to/from Moscow?

25-05-2004, 13:04
As far as code sharing is concerned, usually a flight operated by one airline gets a code of the partner airline. Yet, there is a limited quote of the passengers for the partner airline. E.g.: on a 250-seat plane of Aeroflot there might be some 30 places reserved for Delta (and only those 30 passengers have a flt tkt issued on Delta). More codesharing is applied on connecting flights - this means, for example, that an Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Ufa might get a Delta code and thus you will be able to get cheaper tariff on a route, say, NYC to Ufa, than what you would get if combining two independent airlines. Moreover, the individual airlines (members of the alliance) do not compete in terms of prices with each other on routes operated by two or more of them. E.g. between Prague and Paris you get basically the same price, no matter if you fly Czech Airlines or Air France. Or - the system will not allow you to book a flt between MOW and PRG via Italy at a competitive price (and if it will, there will be an overnight stop in Milano or some other major inconvenience), as there is a direct flight. And I suppose this will become the same on other duplicate routes, like SVO-JFK with both DL and SU operating them etc.
The alliance membership also has an influence on Frequent flyer programs - you can collect your miles on DL, AF, AZ, OK, KE and MX now - regardless of which of the above mentioned airline`s fidelity program you are member.

25-05-2004, 13:11
Originally posted by sfjohns67

Does the Sky Team partnership mean I can use Aeroflot, Air France, or any of the others who may have a route to/from Moscow?

Aeroflot - yes, but only if they get a code-sharing agreement with DL, and still you would have to get a DL ticket. But the prices might be lower and the schedule more convenient.
Air France - I doubt it. They will definitely not get a DL code on a flt from Paris to MOW - cf. my above reply on competition and on indirect flights.