View Full Version : Looking for Macrobiotics/Shiatsu in Moscow

13-06-2008, 22:08

I am new to Moscow and still trying to find my way around.

Does anyone know of any good health food stores? I started getting into Macrobiotics before coming over and would love to continue with it, as it made a huge difference to me, so if anyone can tell me where I can get things such as whole grains, Wakame, Kombu, and other Japanese ingredients, I would be delighted!

I would also love to know if there are any Shiatsu practitioners here.

I would be grateful for any advise or tips.

Thanks. :-)


Elmar Hollerbach
21-11-2008, 12:08

did you get answers to your question concerning Shiatsu?
I am here in Moscow for two weeks and I am also looking for a Shiatsu-Practioner.

Did you find somebody?
Would be nice to let me know soon.