View Full Version : London!!

19-05-2004, 15:36
Thanks to everyone for recommendation about London. It was great, interesting and unforgettable holiday!! 2 weeks full of impression and 2 weeks absolutely awful weather. How can they live there?? I don’t remember when I was so frozen in Moscow!
Night clubs are absolutely different – simple, loud, dirty, everyone yells, no Moscow “glamour”, pathos and etc…..just modest guys in office suit – they take off a jacket and party is going!!:))) Very funny..

What I understand again is that I have to learn English finally :))Please, help me! I need to talk talk and talk (with a nice unusual person of course). Any help with Russian guarantees.

19-05-2004, 22:07
Did I get it right?You did not really like London ??If so why do you want to learn English?I get the feeling you are not going to return there because of the awful weather>!!and clubs??I came to Moscow on Tuesday.I left London 24degrees and landed at Moscow in rain!!Any I still love Moscow!!!(and I dont want ot learn Russian..yet