View Full Version : printer wanted. small run business cards

05-06-2008, 21:26
hi peeps. anyone got any ideas where i can find a printer willing to do dual language business cards at a reasonable price? other similar print jobs needed too. alternatively has anyone seen a thread elsewhere on a similar subject, point me to it will ya?
thanks guys you always come up trumps for me dont miss this time.

ok. no answers??? shock horror.... what about one of those machines that you see at european airports that make business cards.....? anyone seen one of those at tri vogzal??

08-06-2008, 14:22
there used to be a place right near arbatskaya - i will post a map later today when I have time

08-06-2008, 15:13
PM me , I have a printer at my Metro that will do business cards very reasonable price

26-06-2008, 14:14
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