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04-06-2008, 15:48
Here is a little question. I am in St Petersburg, is it true that I have to go to one of the main ZAG palaces to get married? I heard that I as a foreigner, can't get married in one of the smaller regional ZAG offices around town ....which I hoped to because I heard that they are apparently quicker than doing it in one of the main two main palaces.

The other thing is....I have a translated legalized copy of my Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage from my Australian Embassy and legalized it at the ministy of affairs in Moscow. Do ZAGs need to see my apostillised divorce papers too? I don't see why they would when they have already been shown in order to get the Certificate of no Impediment.
If I do need show the Apostillized divorce papers do I have to translate and notarize the whole 12 pages of court proceedings that they consist of? At 150 roubles a page it adds up!
Also where can I go in St Petes to translate and notarize stuff?

10-06-2008, 07:04
I got married in Vologda last year, so I don't know about the different ZAGS in St. Petersburg. My wife said we could have gotten married at a different place (though she isn't 100% sure). You WILL need apostillised divorce papers too. In the US you can get a divorce certificate from some states (perhaps all, but fortunately I haven't been divorced in all 50 states). I've a good friend that translated and notarized all of my papers (in Vologda again), so I'm not sure about St Petersburg.

Congrats and good luck!

12-06-2008, 02:34
In Moscow foreigners can only get married at ZAGS #4. I don't know about St Pete.

14-06-2008, 02:15
Hi! Just been through the process and I also live in St Petersburg except I did it all on a Britishpassport. In St Petersburg foreigners are only allowed to marry in ZAGs on the english embankment and on Fryzhetskaya which is near Cherneshevskaya metro. Where abouts are you in St Petersburg? I'm in the UK at the moment but will be back there in a week. With regards to divorce papers my understanding is that you only need the cert of no imped as this shows that you are not married. I know the British way (if I was divorced) I only had to show the consulate there if I had been divorced and then they give me the cert after 21 days. PM me and maybe we can meet up when I get back?

15-06-2008, 00:38
Sorry my internet was out for over a week so I couldn't respond. Thanks everyone, I have it under control now.
I ended up having to translate my apostillised divorce papers even though I had a cert of no impediment legalised translated and everything else. Yes, I ended up going to Furshtatskaya ZAGS too! I have the date set so all I have to do now is buy a suit to impress her parents with ....for the wedding and all.. you know!!. Believe it or not, my fiancee just wants to wear jeans to the ceremony but she has heard that ZAGS may not perform the ceremony if we do not make an attempt to dress up.......... Has anyone heard of this?

I mean whats the point of doing a traditional white wedding right next to the stinking ZAGS office that jacked us around over unnecessary papers, and that fact that I wrote some of my fiancees information on the application form and they wanted her to write it herself. Or the stupidity of official demanding an overseas address from me ...when I don't have one and a bunch of other nit picking that was done on the application. We had to rewrite the form 4 times before it was acceptable to their small brains. Or the fact that at the first local ZAGS office my fiance went to, (just to get information,) after waiting her turn in a line the ZAGS official took one look at her and belittled and yelled at her for god knows what!! Oh, and lets not forget that THEY tell us when we can get married instead of us deciding what suits us. Yeah we really feel like putting on our Sunday Best for these morons and going back there to get married!!!!

16-06-2008, 20:53
I know it’s frustrating as hell, but regarding…

“ whats the point of doing a traditional white wedding right next to the stinking ZAGS office that jacked us around over unnecessary papers..”

Remember this is part of her culture, and something she has probably thought about since she was little. I asked my wife if she thought about ZAGS when she was younger and dreamed of getting married… her reply “what else”.

Good luck and congrats.

21-06-2008, 21:03
I'm new to this site. Are there any Americans there who can advise me on how to obtain a certificate of no impedence to marry or some such document.
This seems to be the only snag in procuring all my documents to marry in Russia. Many Thanks!

22-06-2008, 19:07
Americans just have to swear out an affidavit and then have it legalised in Moscow.

23-06-2008, 22:32
No impediment is VERY EASY if you are in Moscow. Just go to the American Embassy and TELL them you have a legal divorce in the USA and pay them $30 and in 15 minutes, you will have your paper. You need to have all the info on your fiance - address, birth date, place etc. I showed them NO documents of any kind.

I did just this last month.

HOWEVER, I think that this must be a problem.

First, they only ASK you if you are divorced - no proof required.

I heard that after getting this document that you have got to go to a Russian office with proof that you have a divorce and get documents from them.

How to get the proof.

You need to get an original divorce certificate with an official seal. Then you take ( or sent ) this document to the Sec of State's office of the state where you got your divorce ( the big Apostile ). This is very easy to do if you are in the USA. In Colorado it cost $2 if you want to pick up the papers tomorrow and $17 if you want the papers in 1 hour. If you have lots of money, you can get a service through the internet to do this for you.

26-06-2008, 03:19
I know it’s frustrating as hell, but regarding…

“ whats the point of doing a traditional white wedding right next to the stinking ZAGS office that jacked us around over unnecessary papers..”

Remember this is part of her culture,
Good luck and congrats.

What so we should call tyrants and communism "culture" now? Sorry but I don't buy into that and neither does she, fortunately.

01-07-2008, 07:15
In spite of your dislike for Commies and ZAGS, you may want to reconsider the benefits of dressing up for your wedding. If you and the Mrs. want to immigrate to another ZAGless country, those happy realistic looking wedding photos are an important part of the proof of bona fide marriage packet. White dress, flowers, lots of friends and a reception make for more convincing wedding photos. And come on, this will be a unique opportunity to have a once in a lifetime romantic day for you two. Do a traditional Russian (yes ZAGS) wedding. They are the most fun kind in the world!