View Full Version : Overstay of 90 days of business visas

04-06-2008, 14:29

At the risk of overusing this topic, I opened this new thread especially concerning business visas.

My situation is as follows: Iím currently in Moscow for an internship with a business visa valid until the end of July. Unfortunately my disposable 90 days are exhausted in the end of June but Iím supposed to stay until the 28/07.

I already heard a lot of confusing things like it would be technically ďpossibleĒ to overstay the 90 days as long as the validity of the visa has not expired, without facing the troubles mentioned in similar threads. I also called several consulates in Europe, which all ensured, that I wonít get even a simple tourist visa for this period of time.

So, has anybody already tried out to overstay the 90 days? Or could anybody give me a hint what to do?!

Thank you in advance!

04-06-2008, 17:38
leave and get a tourist visa, or another biz visa. otherwise, you will have to stay in Russia forever, as they won't let you leave. ;)