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17-05-2004, 13:05
i was not a big fan of Tim Burton's movies
but actually this one is quite good!
i do not know if you can still see it in movie theathers here
but it's available at gorbuchka in english without any difficulties ;)

17-05-2004, 14:09
Agree with you. It's a good one. I watched it yesterday on DVD

17-05-2004, 14:35
big tim burton's fan here...
he produced "the nightmare before christmas" one hell of a stop-motion masterpiece. great to watch under the influence... :D

gotta find big fish...

17-05-2004, 17:24
i am a huge fan of tim burton, and that's why i was a little disappointed in Big Fish. it's actually an ok movie, but not as good as i was hoping for from him.

17-05-2004, 17:34
Rantandrave...;) are you going to say that everything that i listen to and watch those last days are just not great :):);) ???

18-05-2004, 13:24
kakrout - no, of course not! sorry, if i can across like that, didnt mean to.
i havent heard that singer you posted another thread about - she's probably fabulous, i was just pointing out that a bunch of other white women can sing soul, too :)

18-05-2004, 13:30
bah...no worries ;)