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14-05-2004, 15:04
by AP

EDMOND, Okla. - A slippery thief is on the loose in Edmond, where police say nearly 5,000 pounds of used cooking grease has been stolen from three restaurants.

The latest theft was of 1,700 pounds of grease from Alvarado's, taken between 10 p.m. Monday and 9 a.m. Tuesday, police said.

Two other restaurants have been victimized twice with about 2,200 pounds taken from Panda House and about 1,000 pounds from Jamil's.

"It's one of the most unusual cases of theft we've had in Edmond," said police spokeswoman Glynda Chu.

Police think the thief is someone familiar with the restaurant industry and is looking to turn in the grease for the recycling value, Chu said.

Evergreen officials said the grease has a resale value of about $380.

ATLANTA (anybody from there? ;))- Asking Home Depot employees to trade their smocks and hammers for teddies and G-strings at most Playboy.com is looking for the "hotties" among the hardware giant's employees.

the adult magazine has featured women from corporations in the past, whether because of controversy, as was the case with Enron and WorldCom, or because the company is an industry icon, such as Starbucks or Wal-Mart.

"These companies have thousands and thousands of employees, and there are many beautiful women among them," Playboy.com spokeswoman Jay Jay Nesheim said, adding that women interested should submit photos, proof of age and a paycheck stub.

Home Depot is distancing itself from the photo shoot.
"The company is aware of the invitation but does not endorse it, support it, nor are we affiliated with it in any way," spokesman Don Harrison said, reading a prepared statement over the phone and refusing to comment further.
Playboy heard no complaints of women being fired for the Starbucks or Wal-Mart shoots, Nesheim said.
It's possible a Home Depot employee could shed her smock for a living if chosen for the shoot, but it's not likely. Only about a dozen women were chosen from hundreds of applications for the Starbucks and Wal-Mart spreads, Nesheim said.
The shoot is part of Playboy's "girl-next-door" theme, often manifested in photo spreads of girls representing various collegiate conferences. Nesheim acknowledges, however, that Playboy's girls next door aren't exactly representative of most people's neighbors.


I always ended up falling in love with whoever I took home. And the next morning, they'd ask me to sign something and I would feel so used. It wasn't working for me.

-- Jane's Addiction guitarist DAVE NAVARRO, on groupies, in the July issue of Guitar World magazine