View Full Version : Cheap phone calls from UK to Russia.

14-05-2004, 14:22
Hi Everyone,

Did you know that your friends/ relatives from the UK can call you for just 0.01 p per minute?
I call my mum almoust every day,it is dirt cheap in comparison with BT.
The number from UK to land line in Russia is
08448 610 610 (via Telediscount).And I believe it is 0.05 p per minute to call on a mobile in Russia (still cheap), but the access number is different (08445 660 660)

All the best,

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14-05-2004, 15:46
yes there are a few services out there that can be fooun on the web. I have been using telediscount for a year now and it is very good. instant connections good lines etc

www. telediscount.co.uk

14-05-2004, 15:57
Thanks for the information, good to know - my mum will be over the moon!

Just a pity I'm never at home!!;)