View Full Version : Regarding Temporary Residence Permit

26-05-2008, 14:40
I received temporary residence permit few months ago.but now due to some reasons i have to change the passport.well could anyone tell me whats the procedure to get the permit stamp from the old to the new passport and how long does it usually take?

26-05-2008, 15:41
My son lost his poassport while in America.
We got a tourist visa for him on his new passport and came back.
I called the OVIR and then I took the new pass. and a copy of the old one to there and did a Zevlenia. They "transfered" the temp res to the new one. Then I had to get propiska again.

I am going to go through this again in the fall when son #2 gets his new pass.

27-05-2008, 11:45
depends on the reason you are changing passport

I got temp res in my old english passport--- got married and took my wifes name---- went to the OVIR and showed them Old passport with res stamp---- marriage cert and new English passport

They said unlucky do it all again ---with all documents, spravkas etc in new name


27-05-2008, 13:30
well i am changing the passport as my my old passport series is annulated...i mean its the direction of our embassy that we will be given new passports.there are no change in details or give name.....

28-05-2008, 00:59
It is always best to inquire at your local FMS. They all seem to have slightly different rules.

This is what I was instructed to do in such cases. Get a notarized copy of your old passport. When you get a new passport, go to FMS and get them to “transfer” the permit into your new passport.

It is a good idea in general to have a notarized copy of the passport, in case it’s lost or stolen and you need to prove that you have residency permit.