View Full Version : A Cultural Learning Project - Looking for Partners and Ideas

22-05-2008, 00:29
Dear All,

I am new here and still planning to write a bit about myself in the Introductions section; however, I cannot wait to share my idea with you and ask for your opinion / advice, so here it is...

I studied communication for a few years at the university level (in Russia and the US) and have been curious about various aspects of communication ever since. For the past four years, I've also taught English and accumulated quite a few ideas about teaching English in its cultural context and teaching it specifically to Russians. I have a (relatively well structured) idea of an American English language and culture course book for Russians. I also have a number of "helpers" here, in Moscow, and in the US. However, I feel that I need more than a helper or a thousand helpers now - I need a partner, American, preferably native, possibly, near-native, a good writer with an open mind and wild imagination (OK, "wildish" would do just fine), tired of teaching English both in a disorderly pseudo-creative way and in a suffocating traditional-textbook way and ready to do some seriously unserious writing about life in the US and later use the results of our highly enjoyable labor for the good cause of helping Russians to understand their own and American cultures (which will, of course, eventually lead to world peace!). :celebrate:

Please, if you are interested in working with me or contributing your ideas and real-life experiences related to Russian-American (mis)communication, please respond to this post! I will be happy to tell you more. Thank you in advance! :10168: