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09-05-2004, 20:14
World`s gone INSANE....... incidentally, I want to be a Punch and Judy man, it`s a great job with prospects... ;-)))


Punch and Judy banned as 'too violent' for school May 9 2004

Lucy Ballinger, Wales on Sunday

PUNCH and Judy has been banned from a school - for being too violent.

Woodside Primary in Oswestry booked Ronnie Alden to perform the puppet show to five and six-year-olds next month as part of a seaside project.

The veteran puppeteer, who has been entertaining children for more than 60 years, later received a phone call from school bosses asking how much 'violence' was in the show.

When they discovered Punch would be hitting Judy, the showman was dropped - even after he offered to tone down the thrashings.

"This is political correctness with a capital P and C!" said the 70-year-old entertainer.

"How can you have a Punch and Judy show without the violence?

"I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. I've performed in front of hundreds of thousands of kids and I've never had a single complaint."

The father-of-three now says he will go to his union, Equity, demanding action against the school.

"To think this show could offend kids or teach them bad habits is just so ridiculous, it's untrue," he said.

"When you turn on kids' TV these days, there are loads of violent images. There always have been, from the Road Runner cartoons and Bugs Bunny, right up to the present day.

"At least in my show the children become involved and are taught to look at the moral rights and wrongs. Ultimately, Punch is led away by policemen at the end of the show and the kids realise that if you do something naughty then you will get punished."

A school spokesman claimed the show was unsuitable because the act was supposed to form part of a project on the seaside.

"We wanted to book Mr Alden's Punch. After all, Punch and Judy is part of the traditional seaside experience.

"We just wanted to talk to Mr Alden about how his show would fit in with what we were trying to get out of the lesson.

"We are sorry that Mr Alden feels offended by our decision not to go ahead - this was never our intention."

But the Punch and Judy College of Professors also waded into the row, saying: "We can only sympathise with the children whose puritan teachers have denied them the chance to shriek with glee - as children have for generations - at Punch's outrageous antics.

"The teachers have done their credibility no good by such fevered over-reaction to a long-running popular folk drama.

"We trust that when these same children reach later years in school their teachers will not be so daft as to employ the same logic and ban Macbeth or Romeo and Juliet from the classroom because of the inappropriate behaviour they portray.

"Mr Punch himself has no comment to make at this time."