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15-05-2008, 10:06
Hello all,

I read the few threads on this topic, but they were all either outdated, off-topic, or about private teachers, not ones working for schools. So, here goesÖ

So, I have a question about salaries. Iím a teacher who has no certificate, just a B.A. in Russian and Politics, but Iíve already got nine months of teaching experience under my belt. I work for two companies part-time/freelance.

I always thought that Iím earning amazing money, and while I know Iím earning way more than I would back home in the States, lately some other teachers have made comments that make me think Iím getting shafted.

Basically, I earn R 1000 for each 2 ac. hr class I teach. Now, that might sound incredibly low right away, so I should say that Iím lucky in that for both firms I have Ďblockí schedules-most days I have two and sometimes three classes in a row at the same location.

So, what do all you teachers think? Am I being low-balled? Just paying the price for having no certification (On that note, I donít think this is such a negative on my resume. My experience should more than make up for my lack of certification, right?)?

What are you all earning out there? Letís try to compile a sort of average salary guide, so that new people coming to Moscow know what to ask for!

15-05-2008, 11:50
Certification implies (to some) that you know how to teach. A basic TEFL course is merely an introduction to teaching English. It doesn't teach you about English and it doesn't really teach you how to teach English either.
But it's a plus if the person who's hiring doesn't really know anything.

As for your rate, I make more than that just for conversation sessions.

15-05-2008, 21:04
500 roubles an academic hour, that's about £10 an hour. For the employed I suppose it's the best you will get here, unless you have a senior position. at's nothing to get excited about in Moscow. That would be most unacceptable for me, however I am a full time private teacher who has a family to keep. But I have refused higher offers than what you are getting, mainly from teaching children in the west.

For freelancers teachers or doing it yourself privately, the rate is between 1500 roubles and 2000 roubles an academic hour. If you are teaching groups the fee is split amongst the group.

Of course, if you are provided with a guaranteed fulltime salary with employment contract, with visa, travel costs, medical costs, tax paid,and accommadation costs, only then should you accept a somewhat lower income.