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14-05-2008, 14:43

I'd be grateful if someone could provide me with some basic facts / insights into expat life in Moscow - I'd be teaching. Unfortunately, I know very little about the city. Would like some general information about how foreigners are treated by the locals, things to avoid doing or be careful of (regarding culture or causing offense), opportunities for creating a social network and general costs for housing, foods, etc & just any general advice or things I should consider.


Transparent Theatre
14-05-2008, 14:54
There are clearly many things to consider.

The Expat Site publishes a Survival Guide which you might like to read through - there is a lot of information there. Moscow is the fastest-developing capital city in Europe so the very nature of the place is that it is changing, but the info in the Survival Guide is broadly up-to-date.

Moscow Expat Site Survival Guide (http://www.expat.ru/survivalguide.php)