View Full Version : Wednesday 14 May 2008 - Wednesday night, free pizza and cheap beer?

14-05-2008, 11:54
Is it possible, can it be, you bet your sweet behind it is!

"Runaway" and "DJ Biscuit" have joined forces to start bringing you a Wednesday night you won't soon forget so hold on tight
This is going to be dangerous!!

This Wednesday we will kick things off with the new management at Papa's. Long ago the Expat/Russian business mixer ruled this place on Wednesday nights, and as the world turns it is about to happen again.

Tonight we will take it easy on you since it is our first date, but by next week get ready to kick your shoes off because we will take no prisoners.

Tonight’s specials will be:

First and most important FREE PIZZA, so get there on time!!

Miller Genuine Draft bottles 0.5!!!! for only 60 rubles and for those of you that like Russian beer we have Bochka 0.5 also for 60 Rubles

(quick note, by next week we will beef up the specials to include a couple of cocktails and hopefully have negotiated a nice Mexican beer.)


Адрес: ул. Мясницкая, д. 22
Метро: Чистые пруды
Телефон: (495) 755-95-54

Papa's Palce (http://www.papas.ru/)

For those of you who don't know the story well just read below:

Expat/Russian business mixers

Wednesdays have long been a traditional night in Moscow for Expats and their Russian colleges to meet and greet. The idea of the night is to meet with fellow business people reviving old contacts and maybe establishing some new.
(The kicker - you might even make a friend or two

The idea started here in the mid to late nineties. In the early part of 2000 the nights split into a couple of groups because different issues and "Meeting Point" as well as the "Alternative" night (Sponsored by Runaway Promotions) continued well into 2005. Since that time there has been an absence of such mixers.
The past year we have made an effort to revive those nights which we started out doing a Wednesday night every now and then at the Shamrock, Hemingway's, etc. I must admit the response has been more then favorable and a lot of newcomers have joined in on the fun so why not come along for the ride.

What's the worse thing can happen? You could have a little fun?

Hope to see you there!



14-05-2008, 12:00
What time?!?!

Doubt I can swing tonight, but I sure am going to try for next Wednesday! That's a VERY handy location!


DJ Biscuit
14-05-2008, 12:19
7pm Sharp!

This is the innagrual evening and by next week we will have a format to knock ya sox off! But you've gotta be in at the start.

cookie monster
14-05-2008, 15:11
Was there friday night, pretty cool. However, am tied up tonight but will definitely be back either Fri or Sat for drinks with Doug.

Ohh isn't it Monday's is countdown night and Tuesday is Latino night.

DJ Biscuit
14-05-2008, 16:07
Latin night has always been hot, happening and packed but I understand the old faithful Countdown Mondays are back and at Papa's, in full effect!