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05-05-2004, 06:25
I want to be reborn as an oak to be busy just being and growing.
Birds will be nesting and whistling among my green leaves…Young piglets will come to find a few acorns, children to play and the elderly to rest in my shadow. They will be safe there.

My soul will be transformed into a teeny-weeny dryad, invisible for human eyes, who will guard and protect me the oak.
If a woodcutter comes with an axe to cut the oak, she will sing a calming, soothing song for him and make him all sleepy-dreamy, so that when he wakes up he will throw his axe and become a gardener , planting the trees and flowers all over my beautiful kingdom.

And nights! What an amusing and fulfilling nights I will have!
My guard and soulmate dryad will be flying in the night air plucking the stars from the sky, swinging on the crescent, nursing little elves, hosting hen-parties for other dryads.

In the mornings rain and dew will freshen up my leaves and shower them, while a light breeze will gently dry the water away.

I will be living for 300 years, half-sleeping, half-awake, listening to fairy tales and lullabies my dryad will be telling and singing for me.

And when the old oak dies, the dryad will reincarnate in a human being called Alethea.

05-05-2004, 06:27
Look at that young boy ….

He pocketed money his mom gave him for lunch and went to the best sweet shop in the town instead.

Oh sheer delight! Candies of all sorts, of any shape and color cry out:

Try me! Me!! Meee!!! Come and eat me! Don’t listen to dentists who constantly hassle you about rotten teeth! I’m so delicious… mouthwatering… lickable… explore and feel my sweetness…be my first and the only customer….

The boy is excited and willing to try as many as possible….

Problem begins when a shop-assistant (softly speaking and accommodating girl) tells him he should pay for his purchases.

WHAT!!! Isn’t it all for free, then??? Frustrated, he leaves the shop and then he complains to his playmates about an arrogance of the shop-assistant and the high prices.

Don’t cry, little one. If you are good in this life, you will be reborn as a male expat , single, relocated to Moscow, the very best candy shop in the world.
Hear! Hear drumbeats of a destiny:

Yeah look at them yo-yos
That’s the way they do it,
Money for nothing and chicks for free..

That aint’ a workin; that’s the way they do it
Get their money for nothing
And the chicks for free
Money for nothing..[drum!]
Money for nothing…[drum!]
Money for nothing
And Russian chicks for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee [drumdrumdrumdrum!]

05-05-2004, 12:25
At first I was enjoying the oak reincarnation thread. Then you lost me with the whole Dire Straits lyrical interpose over life in Moscow. Put the drink down, Alethea, and step away from the table and no one will get hurt.

05-05-2004, 13:18
Funny, I was JUST about to ask WHAT mix of chemicals you take for breakfast, Alethea, because I have GOT to get me some of those!

05-05-2004, 13:52
Yeah right...

Ghost will be reborn as a frustrated drill sergeant

and lochnee...whatever... even my vivid imagination struggles when i'm trying to picture that strange creature with a pea-sized brains .

05-05-2004, 14:51
I don't think it's chemicals guys. This looks like the real thing. It's got me contempalting applying to be her student.

05-05-2004, 14:59
Alas, reincarnation - nope. sorry. If you HAVE been reincarnated already, how come you don`t remember it ? So if it DOES happen, it`s pretty much useless......

05-05-2004, 15:00
Kinda like drinking, Dave?

05-05-2004, 15:01
it adds up to fun, Dave:)

what about deja vu thing, then?

05-05-2004, 15:01
Kinda like drinking, Alethea?

05-05-2004, 15:05
never got comatozed after drinking. in fact, I don't drink.

05-05-2004, 15:06
Don't drink? Hmmm...
Now I have to reconsider being your student.

05-05-2004, 15:08
do me a favour, J.D. I somehow doubt you would receive good marks.

05-05-2004, 15:09

I mean, this is Russia. I figured I could just purchase good marks.

05-05-2004, 15:14
Actually Alethea, I wasn't concerned with the marks
here is an excert from an interview I did a while back;

J D is a wayward American currently doing
graduate work at the University of Hard Knocks –
Moscow. CP recently caught up with him for an

CP: So why did you choose the University of Hard
Knocks and why in Moscow?

J: Well I wanted to do my graduate work in
International Studies and I was looking for a language
that covered a large geographical area with a
population that generally did not speak English as a
second language.

CP: Why not Chinese. I thought they had the largest
population and relatively few of them speak English.
Or Spanish. That probably rivals English in number of

J: I considered both of these. As for Chinese there
are many dialects and they cannot understand each
other. Also I thought that it would be an extremely
difficult language for me to learn. I already speak
Spanish other wise that probably would have been my
choice. Arabic was the other language I was
considering but circumstances landed me in Moscow

CP: I understand that you also did your undergraduate
work at The University of Hard Knocks. What did you
major in and where did you study?

J: I majored in ‘What comes around goes around’ with a
minor in ‘Taking it as well as you can dish it out’.
Most of my work was done at The School of Hard Knocks
in California and small portion in the Far East.

CP: Why is the name not consistent, using sometimes
University and sometimes School?

J: It’s a problem with the translation. In Russia as
well as other countries ‘school’ is used only for
education associated with children. So sometimes
University is substituted.

CP: Why did you choose ‘Hard Knocks’ over a
traditional education?

J: Actually The School of Hard Knocks is older than
any “traditional” institution. Anyway I first dipped
my toe into it when I was 17. I finished High School
one term early and my mother told me I was not going
to sit around the house for six months until fall when
I would go to college. She said I had to stay in High
School, start college early or get a job. So I entered
The School of Hard Knocks, Parris Island, South
Carolina for a 3-month term. In the Fall I started
attending a traditional college and after 1 and a half
terms I decided that I wasn’t ready for traditional
college so I left and went full time into the School
of Hard Knocks.

CP: What was your GPA for your undergraduate work?

J: The School of Hard Knocks doesn’t have a
traditional grading system. Grades are very seldom
issued at the end of a course. They are usually
assigned later in life during the course of ones
career and are always subject to being changed.
Sometimes grading never takes place. Since I claim to
be still studying issuance of any grades is
indefinitely deferred. Although some people have
attempted have them issued for me.

CP: Is there any cooperation or recognition of course
work between the traditional institutions and The
School of Hard Knocks?

J: Of course The School of Hard Knocks always gives
some recognition for course work taken at traditional
schools although it is not weighted as heavily as Hard
Knock courses. If the curriculum is well planned it
can be a great help. Still some hard-core alumni and
students look down on the taking of any of these
traditional courses. I am a little more liberal and
think that a blend of the two is ideal. Traditional
institutions almost never accept course work from The
School of Hard Knocks.

05-05-2004, 15:15
not from me. I'm incorraptible.

05-05-2004, 15:21
Of course. First I would have to teach you to drink then I'd start in on the 'corrapitable' part.

05-05-2004, 15:52
I'm lost in the middle of your enormous post.
keep it short.
laconic style suits your writing skills better.

Ned Kelly
05-05-2004, 15:57
alethea is the site's zaniest member and we love her for it.:p

05-05-2004, 15:58
Originally posted by Ned Kelly
alethea is the site's zaniest member and we love her for it.:p

want to play sandy-candy ? :p

Ned Kelly
05-05-2004, 16:04
candy-sandy:p . sandy is sincere and upstanding and i fear candy could corrupt him. actually, i think last night's moon has been playing tricks on everyone today.;)

05-05-2004, 16:07
Originally posted by Ned Kelly
candy-sandy:p . sandy is sincere and upstanding and i fear candy could corrupt him. actually, i think last night's moon has been playing tricks on everyone today.;)


sandy is standing or sandy's is standing?

is that Candy who caused those curious perturbations ? :p

05-05-2004, 16:14
Was that a compliment? Normally I would agree that shorter is better that is when it is is done well a short post is better than a long one although it is possible that a well written long post could be better than a badly written short reply but pound for a pound, generally speaking, a short one is better albeit harder to write and I think this is generally accepted and not just my humble opinion but also that of many a reader who has had to tread, wade, even plow through numerous volumes of work only to reap a very small and insubstantial harvest of meaningful words

however if perhaps you did not intend that as a compliment and you meant to insinuate that my skilsl are limited and are insufficient to full fill a longer type reply then I should think that you should reconsider as it, as it is more difficult to make a complete reply in a short form rather than using a more lengthy version which takes much longer and risks losing the attention of the reader, so

Thanks, I guess

05-05-2004, 16:19
this one was definitely better.

words *short* and *hard* are quite a pair.

05-05-2004, 16:24
It was several times longer but the power just went off here and crashed everything and I just got tired oftrying to retype it so I guess the ironic point was not made.

05-05-2004, 16:26
it was;)

05-05-2004, 19:23
Originally posted by Alethea
this one was definitely better.

words *short* and *hard* are quite a pair.

depends in what way those words are used together!

more i wont say in this part of the board about this subject :p

11-05-2004, 17:59
Amazing how many people think there`ll be something "after" when there wasn`t anything "before" - if there was, you can`t remember it anyway, so, what`s the point ? ;-)))))