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03-05-2004, 11:09
Dear Friedns,

I have a kid she is 3 yrs old. i need to put her in English School. She would be going to Jnr. KG. Any idia on schools and Cost of the same.

Ur information is very crutial as based on this i would be deciding my decision of coming to moscow or not.

Awaiting ur replies. U can also mail me on cshah50@rediffmail.com

Thnaking you.


03-05-2004, 11:38
There are a few good English schools in Moscow, however, I can only comment on one. My family utilizes the AAS, we find their curriculum challenging to our children while maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere. The First Steps program is well attended and has a waiting list. Cost is approximately 16,000 USD, with another 5,000 if English is not a fluent language (these prices very per grade so this is my best guess). The school is in North West Moscow approx 12 Km's from center. This translates to an hour commute morning and afternoon if you will be living within the Garden Ring. The school's web site is www.AAS.ru.

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03-05-2004, 12:03
You might also consider the British International School. They have 6 or so locations around Moscow and are more likely to be convenient. Also, they are less "picky" about the english skills of your child. The Anglo American school is more expensive and doesn't admit many non-english speaking children.

03-05-2004, 15:05
Thanks for the information given by you all...


03-05-2004, 19:49
By the way found the site for this school. A less expensive alternative to the AAS. The web site is http://www.bismoscow.com/.

We are also looking for elementary schools. Let me know what you have found and I will do the same...


03-05-2004, 19:53
Before you quote them as "less expensive" you might check their rates. I heard from one parent that they increased rates by 20% for next year - can't confirm that but when you do check the rates - which I rather doubt you have done - you might post your findings.

11-05-2004, 22:57
there are lots of english speaking preschools besides AAS and the British International, but those two will give you continuity. If you're interested in othes, check out this forum, a couple of months ago there were some threads on schools.

13-05-2004, 12:23
There is two Indian preschool in Moscow with much cheeper prices as 200$ per month . but the place and building is so old and not renovated but i like their metod They speak English ( with Indian accent ofcours) at all the time in Kievsky Vakzal and recently new one that iheard is better place in prospect Vernadskaya

Good Luck