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06-05-2008, 22:42
hi aim planning to come to moscow for few days from 15th may with my gf and already booked a apartment in Kaloshin pereulok area near smolenkiya train station what i need to know is that

a, how long will it take for me to reach here from demdedavo airport? how much does it cost me if i take train or taxy from airport?

b, let me know some happning places out there like clubs , resturants n fast food outlets and also bowling ,shopping malls, cinemas or some funplaces?

c, how safe is here to trvel during night?

d, can some 1 please tell me the metro route to travel from airport to smolenskiya nd back ?

soryyy i guess i asked a lot..... i am vising moscow for the first time and more over with my girl freind also , i want make her confortable and safe with out any probs:)...please do help me

06-05-2008, 22:53
i would like to knnow what is this visa regestraion ? travel agency who provided me visa didnt tell me any thing about it and just give me some papers which is russian language telling me that thisis the invitation ? please comment abt it

07-05-2008, 12:40
If you are here less than 3 days you don't need to register - at least that's what I understand.

The Traveler
09-05-2008, 09:38
Wow, this is an easy one. Can't you try some more difficult questions? Ok, here we go...

A) Transport to and from Domodedovo Airport is super! Don't even THINK of calling, or asking for a taxi, and just forget about those idiots that hang out at the airport and want to take you. When you land at the airport, follow the signs to the train platform, and buy a ticket. The electroexpress train leaves every 30 minutes from the airport, and takes you to the train station "Paveletskaya". Keep your ticket that you purchased because they will want to scan it when you exit at Paveletskaya.
After you arrive there, just take the metro over to the station that you need. I don't remember what stop you wrote, but I do remember thinking that it wasn't more than 15 minutes. The trip from the Airport to the metro is 40 minutes, and costs 150 roubles. Want a taxi? It will be 1 hour, and cost anywhere from 1000 to 2000 roubles.

B) For good shopping you can try Evropeskaya shopping center, located in the metro Kievskaya, or the one also located at Ohotni Ryad. Cinemas are all over the place, and if you want one in English, I believe it's in the JW Marriot hotel. Look for that on the internet, it will come right up. Dining...well take your pick. If it's fun and not fancy you want, go to the Hard Rock Cafe! It's an experience everyone needs. The Moscow Hard Rock is located on Old Arabat, Metro Smolenskaya.
For clubs it's a tricky thing for me, but I'll give you my opinion. I'm not the kind of person to stand outside and deal with face control because everyone thinks its cool. Try the Park Avenue Disco, Taganskaya 40. They have 3 floors, and lots of stuff to do. The basement has a bar with mixed pop music that is loud enough to enjoy but you can still chat, the next floor up has a karaoke bar, a dance floor with great music, and a cafe/restraurant. The next floor up has pool tables, and then another dance floor with only house music and techno, and they do shows and pull people from the audience to do contests for prizes. There is no face control most nights, and when there is it's only a 10 minute wait. I've only experienced that problem once. The place is a lot of fun, easy to get into, and cheap. Entry I think is 150 roubles, but buy a VIP ticket for 500 roubles and you get better coat service and a free drink.

C) Moscow is a big city. If you live in a big city, you will already understand this. It doesn't matter...New York, Chicago, Miami, London, Prague, Warsaw, Istanbul, Moscow, Kiev...they are all the same-be careful at night, and pay attention to your surroundings, and you will be fine. In my mind there is no place more or less dangerous, it's all the same. If you walk around making yourself an easy target, the chances are better that you may bump into the wrong people. Use common sense, watch your surroundings, and pay attention and everything will be ok.

D) Finally, go to moscowmetro.ru, or yandex.ru and both of those sites have maps of the Metro you can save as a picture, just look at, or search stations. To give you a quick rundown, here's how you will go from the airport:

1) Take the express train from the Airport, and arrive to Paveletskaya station, and follow the signs for the Metro.
2) Get on the metro, go to Dobrinskaya (only one stop) and get off there, change lines to the grey line.
3) Take the grey line to Borovitskaya (2 stops), and then change lines again to the LIGHT blue line. Take that 2 stops, and your at Smolenskaya.

There are maps posted everywhere in the metro, and it's very difficult to get lost. You can also buy small hand-size maps of the Metro at any magazine or book store in the metro hallways, and they're good to have if you don' know your way around.
Hope this all helps, have a good time, and be safe!

10-05-2008, 11:50
thynxxxxxxxxx alottt mannnnnnnnnnnnn.....in millions tc god bless